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Dance with fire

Die by blood

I belong to the nightside eclipse...


Under the Dark Soil is a long-standing underground extreme music label and distro originally established in Swansea, South Wales since late 2004 before relocating in London in 2012, and now based in Surrey, England.

UtDS is primarily a cassette-focused label and is dedicated to analogue formats. The label constantly seeks for the new sounds to enrich its archives, and mainly releases black metal/dark ambient/dungeon synth plus other related genres. Demo submissions NOT accepted due to the busy schedule.

Distro-wise, UtDS works closely with selected labels around the world and currently stocks hundreds of CDs, vinyl, cassettes and underground fanzines. The distro service aims to differentiate from others by introducing obscure underground gems and largely neglected classic bands and artists from remote regions of the world. Trade is always considered.

Feel free to visit the official Facebook page for more regular updates:

To listen to the music released by UtDS, please visit:

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