New distro arrivals will no longer be posted on the NEWS page.

Instead, please check out the DISTRO page for the availability of hundreds of CDs, cassettes, vinyl and fanzines.

UtDS regularly stocks new releases from GoatowaRex (China), and randomly stocks titles from emerging underground labels (e.g. Gondolin Records).


UtDS carries releases from Pest Productions (China) upon request.

To find out what is coming into the distro, please follow for regular updates.

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!!! OUT NOW !!!

Soil 025: DRAKONHAIL (Fra) - "Nuit en édifice" Pro Tape


!!! OUT NOW !!!

Soil 024: VENGEFUL SPECTRE (殞煞) (Chn) - "S/T" Pro Tape

Soil 023: BLUTDURST (Aut) - "Stallag im Beserlpark" Pro Tape


!!! OUT NOW !!!

Soil 022: ABSOLUTE KEY (Fin) - "To Leave to Return" Pro Tape


!!! OUT NOW !!!

Soil 018 & 019: DOPAMINE (Chn) - "Dying Away In The Deep Fall” Slipcase Double Tape


!!! OUT NOW !!!

Soil 021: ATRA MORS (UK) - "1353" Pro Tape

Please refer to RELEASES page for more details.


The distro now reopens.

First batch of orders was shipped today. Sorting out more.

Planning new releases too. However this may take some time as always.


!!! OUT NOW !!!

Soil 020: OLD CORPSE ROAD (UK) - "On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of our Lore" Pro Tape

Please refer to RELEASES page for more details.


I appreciate all the support received since February. Unfortunately, I have to post this update thanks to the situation which is now entirely beyond control.


Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, outbound flights are constantly cancelled in China. I am therefore unable to return to the UK to resume the service as planned in June.

All I can tell for the time being is that the distro remains closed until further notice.

I am aware that some emails are not yet replied. Please rest assured this will be dealt with as soon as I am able to work out how your music needs can be met at a later date. During this difficult time, please only reach me if: 1) you cannot find your wanted records/CDs elsewhere; 2) the ones you can find are way overpriced; 3) you are not in a hurry at all and are stone-like patient.

Those who do need recent/future GoatowaRex records from UtDS, please email me. I can prepare reservation but be reminded that it will take longer than ever before to dispatch orders.

While the world seems to be in the time of apocalypse, I am delighted to announce that UtDS shall shortly be releasing the long-awaited new album of the English folkloric black metal masters OLD CORPSE ROAD, entitled "On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of our Lore", on limited edition cassette tape. The final release date has yet been confirmed owing to the delays caused by obvious reasons. However, pre-orders can now be accepted through the band, and I will be taking orders as soon as my work resumes.


Thank you for the continued patience. Stay safe.

Yours truly,